Top Quality Anti Blue Light Computer Glasses



Lets face it. You get itchy or irritating eyes after using your laptop or phone for long hours. Truth is you are not the only one. Unfortunately, we can’t help it with the time we spend on screens. Whether you’re working from home or not, your eyes is at danger when you look at screens for long!

That’s why we have these glasses available for you to help you see your screen better, make your eyes comfortable on screen, and provide long term protection for your eyes!

With these glasses, you are protected from the harmful blue light that your digital screens emits. It is these lights that causes the following when you use the screen for long:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches

These anti blue light glasses stops these things from happening! So whether you are with your laptop during the day, or you have to use your phone at night, you are protected!

They are super stylish also. You get to win style points wherever you go. You don’t have to look nerdy just because you want to protect your eyes. This glass is one of those Snapchat filters. Why use a filter when you can use the real thing?

We delivery anywhere in Nigeria. Same day delivery within Lagos, and 3-5 days out side Lagos.


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